Building Code Certifications Enhance Marketability

Let CBUCK Engineering be your navigator through the sea of
building codes, test standards, and acceptance criteria for
State and National Product Approvals and Certifications

New Florida Building Code

7th Edition Effective Date

The new 7th edition (2020) Florida Building Code effective date is scheduled for December 31, 2020.


Planning and scheduling for New Product Approvals, and Re-Certifications of existing 6th edition (2017) Approvals, should begin in the first quarter 2020 to ensure compliance to the new code by the effective date.

CBUCK will assist you in meeting your marketing goals with technical documentation and evaluations.  We offer experienced, hands-on, creative solutions to expedite product approvals and local permitting in order to produce clear, concise engineering that is comprehensible in the marketplace.

The Florida Building Code (FBC), the International Building Code (ICC), and ASCE 7 have raised the bar in order to protect lives and reduce the cost of property damage.

Demonstration of compliance of products and assemblies for certification and approval, along with project-specific requirements can be a confusing and convoluted task.

Florida statutes require components and cladding products to have Envelope Product Approvals based on the structural requirements of the unified Florida Building Code. Florida Product Approvals and the Miami-Dade Notice of Acceptance (NOA) are the primary methods of complying with the Florida evelope statute.

CBUCK is experienced in providing to manufacturers Miami-Dade NOA (Notice of Acceptance), Florida Product Approvals, International Building Code ICC-ES Reports, Texas TDI Evaluation, and FBC and ICC Code Evaluation Research Reports (CERR).

James L. “Jimmy” Buckner, P.E., SECB, President of CBUCK Engineering, combines marketing know-how with engineering expertise of complex code requirements to assist national and international manufacturers achieve their marketing goals. Jimmy is the author of "How to Obtain a Building Permit," based on the FBC and ICC.

Non-Traditional Product Approvals

The Florida Building Commission has granted new Florida Product Approvals for photovoltaic laminate roofing products, roof top stands, solar powered roof ventilators, recycled green roofing materials, and new structural applications for spray foam products. These products/systems have been evaluated by the staff of CBUCK Engineering by garnering timely consensus of acceptance criteria for new nontraditional products. James L. “Jimmy” Buckner, PE, SECB, has assisted a growing number of manufacturers in enhancing their marketing efforts with code related reports for new and innovative products, systems and applications.


CBUCK Engineering Selected as ICC-ES Collaborator

CBUCK Engineering is pleased to announce that ICC Evaluation Services (ICC-ES), the USA industry leader in performing technical evaluations for code compliance, has selected CBUCK as a Collaborator organization. This partnering will provide quality data submittals to expedite ICC-ES reviews. ICC-ES Evaluation Reports and Product Listing Programs offer many options for building products, components, methods and materials to demonstrate building code complaince. These reports will enhance marketability for product producers. CBUCK Engineering president, Jimmy Buckner, P.E. says that he is excited about being able to assist clients in obtaining natinowise technical credentials through this program. The expedited process will maximize market protential in a timely manner and keep the wheels of commerce rolling.
- March 26, 2014


Miami Marlin's Baseball Ballpark

CBUCK Engineering evaluated and processed multiple Miami-Dade NOA approvals and engineered the site specific City of Miami permit design for the roof systems on the new Marlins Ballpark!

The futuristic design features a three panel retractable roof which soars over 260 feet above the playing field. The ballpark opened in April of 2012

Miami Marlins Rectractable Roof


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